October 20, 2005

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Who makes the list today:

1) National Media (note: they make the list a lot): Stories about US soldiers burning Taliban. Yeah, I guess no one in the Wolrde Trade Center on 9/11 was incinerated. I guess even some of them where Muslim. But I thought it was against Muslim religion to burn a body ?

2) National Media (see what I mean, they even made it twice today) – Cindy Sheehan disses Hillary – What now that the anit-war wacko is not dissing Bush the little media darling has fallen out of favor? Where are you national media, you hypocrite scumbags?

3) Sport Illustrated and Michael Bamberg – Yeah, thats journalism. Wait till the next day to make sure it’s a story (who would care if he pointed it out when it happened before she signed her scorecard.) Then make a story out of it. Make sure eveyone knows who you work for by insisting on being referred to as a “Sports Illustrated writer” and then say you did it for the glory of the game.

Is it just me or is the a tone of racism here? You know lets get the Asian girl …

I like the results of a search engine resultson Bamberger and Wie that yielded “Stop calling me an asshole.”  Hey pal if the shoe fits …

Sunday, Sports Illustrated senior writer Michael Bamberger alerted LPGA
Tour officials to the possibility that Michelle Wie may have violated
Rule 20-7 — which states a drop must be no nearer the hole than the
ball’s original position — in her round the previous day. Wie was
eventually disqualified from the Samsung World Championship — her
first tournament as a pro. In an SI.com Q & A, Bamberger explains
what he saw and why he waited until Sunday to speak with officials and
discusses the controversy surrounding his actions

SI.com – Golf – Q&A: Michael Bamberger – Thursday October 20, 2005 9:07AM



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